Day 219 – Awareness Months

canadian-money-1238713-639x852I was in the middle of posting on Facebook when I noticed how long my post was going to be and thought perhaps I needed to get this done on my blog which has been neglected this year. What better time to add a new post then on Autism Awareness Month!

My post was to point out 2 Awareness campaigns going on during the month of October. It is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in Canada it is Autism Awareness month. Continue reading

Day 214 – Anxieties

I have been away from the blog for such a long time, and so much is going on, it can be difficult to even put words to all the events and phases that are upon us.

My boys are getting bigger and with that, naturally when you are in “the system” that means transitionTransition for the most part means change and in the autism world, often times it also means struggles, behaviours, difficulties, new things and anxieties for both parents and children. But for the most part it ends up being for the better. Continue reading

Day 213 – Notes to self?

I read a blog recently of a woman with children on the Autism spectrum.  She was looking back and wrote what she would say to herself if she could go back in time and talk to herself when it all started. It was about the advice she would give to herself.

She then encouraged others to post their advice to themselves so here is my shot at it.

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Day 212 – “Crack” Crackers

photo-11These little gems are what we like to call in our house “Crack” Crackers.

These are kept in a secret location in our house and not given as a snack but rather as a bribe, ahem, I mean reward.  Our boys love these crackers! They would eat these things all day, every day if given the opportunity.  It is just this particular brand of rice cracker. Continue reading

Day 211 – Love Needs No Words

photo-8I recently commissioned a friend who started crafting to make one of her pallet wall art pieces for me. The caption I requested was “Love needs no words”

The exchange of Love does not require words, it is pretty evident in our family with two non-verbal teen boys who are loved so very dearly and show much love too. But I can see it elsewhere too. Continue reading

Day 210 – Awareness


Recently there has been a trend in Facebook Challenges.  In the dead of winter we began to see men (mostly young) posting video of themselves running around in the snow in shorts or underwear and then taking a swig of a cold drink and then nominating another 3 friends to do the same within 24 hours.  To what benefit, I am still not sure.  It was never proclaimed and to me just seemed like a trend of silliness.

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Day 209 – Confessions of a “Sharer”

I am a “sharer” of information.  I am on Facebook a lot, I have a blog and I have many boards on Pinterest.  Anytime there are free anythings(kindle books, apps, printables, recipes, ideas etc.), I will share it.  If there is a good deal at the mall or grocery store, you can be sure to see a post by me giving all the details and where to go to get it.

I share experiences good and bad and I have no qualms with using the “feeling like” emoticons on Facebook.  I have a hard time telling people that I am fine when people ask me how I’m doing when I am not fine.  It just doesn’t feel right to be dishonest.  Why would they ask if they just wanted the typical response every time? Continue reading