Day 212 – “Crack” Crackers

photo-11These little gems are what we like to call in our house “Crack” Crackers.

These are kept in a secret location in our house and not given as a snack but rather as a bribe, ahem, I mean reward.  Our boys love these crackers! They would eat these things all day, every day if given the opportunity.  It is just this particular brand of rice cracker.

The thing is, after about two packages of these, the boys start to go a little crazy.  Thus the term “Crack”.  They are not meant to be consumed by the pound.  But they are a very useful commodity.  When Andy is up late and wants to sleep in rather than get up and out the door for school, we pull out the “Crack” Crackers.  When Ethan will not come in from outside after the rain has started to fall, we bring out the “Crack” crackers.  When Andy is having a meltdown while waiting for the bus because he wants to go for a van drive rather than to school, we get the “Crack” Crackers.

Yes, I am sure the neurotypical parenting experts would frown on this but this in IBI terms is called a “reward” behaviour modification technique.


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