Day 170: Family Photos

So my husband gave me the idea for a post about family photos.

One of the difficulties families with kids with Autism face is getting a decent family photo.

Children with autism have a hard time staying in one place for even a couple of minutes let alone for an extended period of time. It is a feat in and of itself and sometimes the meltdowns occur before a decent shot can be had and once a meltdown occurs there is no getting back into place.

Getting the kids to pose with bright lights and often cramped spaces with all kinds of metal objects is another difficulty and getting them to look at the camera takes great skill by only photographers who know a little something about autism.

Shown above is a family photo we took in a studio.  I am guessing it was about 11 years ago.

Shown above is the next family photo taken 10 years later!  Yes, you heard that ten years later we decided to give it another try.

We did it differently the next time though.  We got out of the studio with all the bright lights and funny umbrella thingys and moved to a wide open space with plenty of leaves and grass to pick and play with.  We had  a photographer that was prepared to take a lot of shots (thankfully, the invention of digital cameras happened in those ten years) and who was up for taking walking shots and ta’da!  Le Voila!  Great family picture but not without taking 50 shots to get one where we are all looking and smiling in the one pose.

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  1. Sandra October 22, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    these are gorgeous family photos.


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