Day 193 – What a difference with one!

Today I have just Andy home since he finished school for the summer a couple of days before Ethan.

I had some errands to run so I thought, this is great, I have just Andy, I can do this.  So we went out to the car and Andy got into the front seat and closed the door by himself and handed me the seat belt to do up.  Now this probably doesn’t sound like a big deal but compared to the usual, this was a nice change.  Usually with the two of them, I am trying to manage Ethan and give Andy instructions at the same time.  When I don’t give Andy my undivided attention when giving instructions, he often won’t follow through and will need hand over hand assistance.  Then I get Ethan situated in his his seat with his seat belt as well.  So this was a nice change.

So the first stop was Autism Ontario – Niagara to drop off a payment for summer camp and to drop off some donations for craft projects for camp.  Andy was not happy when we arrived, I think because he may have thought that he was going to get dropped off for social group and I think he was counting on swimming at Grammy’s.  He came out of the van reluctantly and walked without needing to have his hand held.  This also is a nice treat.  I usually have to keep a close eye on them and hold at least one of them because they know I am only able to chase after one boy and often will try and do their own thing while mom is busy with his brother.  I always have visions of both boys running in opposite directions and having to decide which one is in most danger to go after.

While inside, Andy sat right down on the floor while I was writing the check for camp and I had to make a couple of attempts at getting him up.  We do a “Ready…1…2…3” and up method that works pretty well with Andy.  Again, with Ethan, he would have been off somewhere and into something while this was happening and my guess is that the moment I would have gotten Andy up and left him to get Ethan, Andy would have been on the floor again.  Such is the way it is with two.

So then we headed out the door and back to the van and drove to the grocery store to grab a few things for super and some hashbrowns for Andy which he loves.  When we arrived at the grocery store, Andy had taken his shoes off and I needed to get them back on.  Andy does not like to wear footwear and so the ones we buy for him are usually high top converse shoes so that we can tie them up tight up to the ankle.  It makes it more difficult for him to get them off but this also makes it more difficult to get them on so Andy still needs help getting his shoes on.  Often I am putting two pairs of shoes back on feet in the parking lot and sometimes, one slips them off while I am working on the other so again, so much easier with just one!

We headed with a reluctant Andy into the grocery store and went first to the bank machine to deposit some checks.  Andy stood so nicely, I was able to do this with reasonable ease.  Yay!  With Ethan there too, I would have had to have a hand on one of them and close eye on the other which is kind of hard to do while making a deposit at a bank machine.  This is why I love those drive through bank machines, so much easier!

We started to walk towards the produce section to pick up some veggies when Andy stopped and would not go any further.  He didn’t sit down which was nice but after about 3 attempts to get him going, he would not budge and I could hear the heavy breathing and decided to abort the grocery plan.  He had had enough of errands for the day and I knew the wrist biting, crying and head banging was on the verge of erupting so we headed for the door, returned the cart and went back out to the van.  No melt downs, phew.  I was thankful.

Well you may think that was not a successful trip of errands but I did.  2 out of 3 things accomplished is not bad and no melt downs was really nice.

Someday, I hope to be able to do errands with both boys!  It is a dream since it won’t be long before both of them will be towering over me.  We shall see.  Who knows how the Lord can change things for us and our situation?  I may be looking back on these days thinking what a huge difference between then and now.


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