I suppose some with Autism have difficulties getting close to people, even with immediate family members.  Hugs are few and far between and even a pat on the shoulder may cause extreme anxiety.

My boys do not have those difficulties and will allow me to come in close and snuggle or kiss.  With Andy, it is often for brief moments.  He will return my smiles lean in and allow the hug or kiss then push me away.  That’s good enough for me, I’ll take it.  So I sneak in hugs and kisses quite a few times a day.  I’m a bit of an addict.

Ethan loves it.  He will wrap his arm around me and look into my eyes and smile with his head cocked to the side a bit.  Sometimes he giggles.  We could sit like that on the couch for a while if he wasn’t looking for food all the time.

There is no greater feeling than to share a hug or kiss with my boys, like I said, I’m addicted.

Can you imagine having the same kind of relationship with the God of creation?  A closeness that can be shared anytime, anywhere.  A moment to lean in smile and kiss the One who loves us so much, He sent his only Son to die for us.  To embrace “Love” Himself.  To feel safe, to feel like you belong and to feel loved.

When God created Adam, it says “He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person.” Gen 2:7  If you could imagine the closeness of God to Adam to breathe life into his nostrils.  He must have been face to face with Adam and when Adam woke up this is the very first thing he saw.

We can draw close to Him too and it gives me warm and fuzzy feelings knowing that He loves it when I do!

There is no greater feeling than belonging to God!





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