I am a “sharer” of information.  I am on Facebook a lot, I have a blog and I have many boards on Pinterest.  Anytime there are free anythings(kindle books, apps, printables, recipes, ideas etc.), I will share it.  If there is a good deal at the mall or grocery store, you can be sure to see a post by me giving all the details and where to go to get it.

I share experiences good and bad and I have no qualms with using the “feeling like” emoticons on Facebook.  I have a hard time telling people that I am fine when people ask me how I’m doing when I am not fine.  It just doesn’t feel right to be dishonest.  Why would they ask if they just wanted the typical response every time?

It is in my nature to be open about my life and my struggles.  I figure God made me that way and He allowed us to have the circumstances that we have so that I can share all of my ups and downs with others for His purposes.

There have been so many lessons learned throughout my time as mother of these special boys but more recently I have discovered that my “sharing” is not always a good thing.  I found out that I also have a need for approval and that perhaps some of the things I share is for the purpose of feeding that need for approval.  So my new year’s resolution is to really think more on the things I share both online and personally with friends and family.  It will no doubt take all year and then some to reform my “sharing” ways.  But I’m sure God will be my help and reminder when I need it.  And for those who want a complete article on things to be wary of sharing publicly, then you can read this great article.

When I think about the trouble that can come from “sharing” personally I think about the most recorded life experiences of all time in the bible.  Wow, talk about exposing for ALL to see and know.  David no doubt would not have had a problem with having his story “shared” about his triumph with a giant when he was just a young’un.  But the story about Bathsheba and her husband Uriah involving adultery and murder would likely have been one he would have chosen to leave out of The Book.  But God wanted that story “shared”.  David was a great King and won many victories for the Lord but God needs to remind us that it is all in Him and His strength and His will.  He seeks to prove to us that even kings will fail to meet His standard and our Hope should rest solely on Him and no one else.  It is a great lesson that just sometimes can not be learned except through the mistakes we make of our own attempts at righteousness and that our mistakes can help others to learn these lessons too.

Paul who wrote a lot of the epistles in the New Testament was clear to state that he was the chiefest of sinners.  It is recorded that he was the cause of the deaths of many Christians before the Lord spoke to him.  Martha has been recorded to complain to the Lord about having no help from her sister.  Moses was disobedient and was not permitted to enter the land.

How many of us would want a news exposé of our failures published not only for our generation but for all future generations to see?  But these folks were Godly people and God chose to expose their failures as a lesson for us.  He often speaks of humility and encourages us to think more highly of others than of ourselves.  Philippians 3:2 “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.” James 4:6 “But He gives more grace. Therefore He says: “God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.”

So what is the point of this post then?  To gain approval for my “sharing” ways, to make excuses for my openness, to mandate that others expose their sins?  No.  I am just laying it out there for all to see and know that I am a “sharer”, it is how God made me and I love that my God can use me through all my failures and triumphs to glorify Him.  He has shown me grace in my weaknesses and it has been a healing balm to my soul.  I have learned so much from Him through all the tears, the moments on my knees, the heartaches of friendships and the disappointments of my own and those around me, through the struggles to make sense of the world and the constant need to be reminded of the bigger picture.  Through the times of joyful remembrance of God’s great gift, His Son and through the shame of having been a part of His death.  God’s great book is full of grace to those needing it…to sinners.

*Disclaimer for all those who would like to add to what needs to be said on the subject of “sharing”: I know there is much more to be said on limitations we should place on ourselves when “sharing” but I decided to leave it out for this post.  To be clear also, wisdom is needed when “sharing” our stories especially when it involves other people.*

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