I recently commissioned a friend who started crafting to make one of her pallet wall art pieces for me. The caption I requested was “Love needs no words”

The exchange of Love does not require words, it is pretty evident in our family with two non-verbal teen boys who are loved so very dearly and show much love too. But I can see it elsewhere too.

A husband buried his wife yesterday. I am not sure how many, but months perhaps even years had passed since he last exchanged words with her but he very tenderly cared for her every day until the end.

Another husband brought his wife in for a bite to eat at a restaurant wheeling her in her wheelchair. Positioning the table with sugar packets to take the wobble out of it so that he could write on a pad of paper and she could nod her responses. My guess is she had a stroke and was unable to speak or write.

The embrace of family members reunited after several years and much distance apart.
A look across the room, a smile and a nod.
A wink, a tear, a tremble.
The grabbing of a hand to hold onto for a while.
A pat on the back.
A forehead kiss or leaning in to offer a cheek.

No words could ever replace the beauty of those gestures of Love. We were made to not just speak the words we all like to hear but to show it. We are created beings, there is no doubt in my mind and we are created in the likeness of God who is Love.

“But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” 1John 4:8

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