It is boxing day here and I am spending some down time browsing Facebook pictures of friends and their families and their Christmas celebrations.  I am enjoying peeking in on the family gatherings.

I have to say that it warms my heart to see the posts from my friends who also have children with autism. This day takes a bit more effort to make special for our kids and it certainly requires some out of the box thinking when it comes to those annual traditions and things that are out of the ordinary for our “schedule oriented” kids.

It is so nice to see our kids embracing others and others embracing them. It’s nice to recognize that though things are anything but “normal” with our kids, they are accepted, embraced and loved in their families.

These are the moments when it doesn’t matter that there are strange fixations on particular objects or characters. It doesn’t matter that these kids may never have a family of their own to start their own special Christmas traditions. It doesn’t matter that there are communication problems because unconditional love works and moves beyond all those things.

Love was what I saw in those Facebook pictures and it puts a huge smile on my face.

I know God never intended for Autism to happen but he created something to help with all the struggles that come with it. Family. (Families of all shapes and sizes, biological and non-biological alike!)


Family hold a great many valuable resources that help our kids with autism. They understand. They live with autism and so they know what can make things so difficult and they understand the anxiety when the noise level gets heightened with all the excitement.

Family know our kids. They have known them since birth and have seen the many successes our kids have accomplished. They know what makes our kids happy and enjoy those times when our kids are happy and celebrate it.

Family aren’t afraid of our kids! And this is one of my favourites! They sit next to them, try to converse with them and try to engage with them and make the best of that interaction! Yeah, sometimes they get unwanted closeness and awkwardness but that does not deter them from trying to engage with our kids!

Family is the one place where we feel that our kids belong!

So as one mamma of children with autism, blessed with two amazing families, I want to honour those who surround us with unconditional love and make our lives so, so much better! Thank you!

We Love You!



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