greenlightI had a rough day today.  I had just arrived home from the chiropractor because I had a sprain in my back when I got a call from the summer camp folks where Andy and Ethan were.  Andy had a seizure on the bus on the way to an outing.  They had pulled the bus over on the side of the road and called the ambulance, then called me.

Andy has been having a really rough summer with the break of routine from school and he was doing a lot of self injurious behaviors including hitting his head and biting his wrist drawing blood, sometimes even biting chunks of flesh if he had a really bad fit.
I told the paramedic that I would come to get him and not to take him to the hospital.  The neurologist had said that it wasn’t necessary for him to go to the hospital if he had another seizure.  And I knew the hospital would set him off for a really bad fit.
The paramedic said they couldn’t wait for me but that they would take his vitals then take him to the hospital so I got in the car and raced to the place where they were stopped.
I prayed the whole while for the Lord to give me green lights as I was at least 20 minutes away and knew it wouldn’t take that much time to take his vitals.
I got every single red light, construction, and a slow older driver.  I said “Lord, clearly you don’t want me to get green lights”.  So then I prayed, “Lord, please then, keep the ambulance from leaving before I get there.”
I arrived in about 15 minutes and the ambulance was still there.  They waited.
How many times do we pray for green lights?  I do it in any crisis situation.  I automatically pray for relief of my immediate problem.
We’re all human and desire smooth sailing for our lives.  We pray for the fruit of the spirit in our lives.  We pray for love, joy,  peace but how many of us pray for long suffering?  It is a fruit just like all the others.
What is there to be gained from red lights and construction?
Well, for one, in the city I live, there is a light about every 1/2 mile so red lights means no speeding tickets.  Which actually to me says be conscious of sin.  I was well aware of all the laws I could break to get there and you can be sure I was looking for police cruisers.
In my trials, I am very aware of how my reaction to them can be a bad reflection of Christ and that challenges me to keep not only from sinning but to hold myself to higher standards of conduct.  I should not have sped and that is a regret of mine.  I should have known that God would have allowed the delay in the departure of the ambulance and I could have taken my time driving at the speed limit.
Construction means changes for the good.  They were breaking up the road to replace sewers.  The breaking is first then comes the new sewer and new pavement.  When God is molding us into a vessel fit for His use, it is going to require some pushing, bending and poking.  He is going to push us in directions we don’t want to go and if we are firm, the longer it will take for Him to do it.  Once He is done though, the result is not only a beautiful piece of art but a useful pitcher to pour out His blessings for others to enjoy.
I certainly don’t feel like a blessing on days like today but I have received a lot of comments that I inspire people.  I don’t understand that.  I have a hard time believing that I can inspire just by getting by.  Regardless of how I perceive it, I was made aware that God is using our circumstances for His Glory, in His way.  I wanted a miracle to be able to tell the world that my God is an Awesome God.  What is even more telling of God’s awesomeness is his power to sustain us, to strengthen us to be pillars, to be solid and unwavering in the hope we have through His promises.  That is more awesome than green lights through life.  He is waiting for us, He is not going anywhere!


  • You DO inspire by getting by! Actually, I am even inspired by folks with less on their plate than you, when they get by. Remember, even the “daily” is a kind of bleak existence for many when there is no eternal meaning to it. As one fellow at my workplace once put it, “Life sucks, then you die.” And he was talking about how life “sucked” in a more ordinary sense.
    There is glory, now, for the Christian, even behind the mundane, and even behind the tragic. The worldly person notices it more, though, when it is against a backdrop where the glory cannot possibly be manufactured. Where you can’t just do the “Pollyanna thing,” and say that everything is really quite nice.
    Lots of people can be ‘youth leaders.’ Not everyone is able to be a mother of the disabled. The mother of John and Charles Wesley had numerous children who were feeble-minded where we don’t see the fame and the talent. I think we see her as a very wonderful testimony, given that she spent time with all of those children. The Wesleyans definitely have on their side a lot of compassion, no, as evidenced in the movements that have been inspired by the Wesleyan revival -he John Howard Society,- and I think Salvation Army, the YMCA, things like hat. Probably, Wilberforce was affected by it. However one may differ with John Wesley on certain matters, the compassion aspect is one that most Christians would compliment, no? I expect Mother Susannah Wesley sowed the seed for a lot of that, with that unfeigned faith exhibited in the home. Vishal Mangalwadi, from India, wrote an entire book detailing what differences the Wesleyan revival made in the British attitudes in India.

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