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Day 219 – Awareness Months

canadian-money-1238713-639x852I was in the middle of posting on Facebook when I noticed how long my post was going to be and thought perhaps I needed to get this done on my blog which has been neglected this year. What better time to add a new post then on Autism Awareness Month!

My post was to point out 2 Awareness campaigns going on during the month of October. It is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in Canada it is Autism Awareness month. Read More

Day 206 – The Day I Share My Take on Staring

I realize that this was supposed to be a series of pictures but I was inspired today while on a picnic at the park with the boys so I am writing this one.

One of the issues parents say they struggle with is staring from other people.  They really don’t like it.  We were always told when we were young that it is impolite to stare at other people.

Here is my take.  I actually don’t mind it, in fact, I would even like to encourage it.  Yes, you heard me right. Read More

Day 156: The Cuteness Factor

The last post I made was kind of negative and I’m usually a positive gal so I thought I would post a more positive post for Day 6 of 31 Days of Autism Awareness.

Ok, so not to brag about my kids, well maybe a little…

There is a certain cuteness factor with kids on the spectrum.  I was discussing this with someone a couple of days ago.

Kids with Autism really, for the most part are not nasty, deliberately naughty children.  The struggles and tantrums are genuine frustration or anxiety and not necessarily rebellion.

When these kids toss a toy across the room, it usually isn’t to get a reaction or to be blatantly bad.  Often times, they are experiencing a sensation when they see things flying or hear the sounds of things dropping to the floor.

For some strange reason, they have a look of innocence when they rip books, throw toys and fail to come when called.

It really is hard to properly deal with these behaviours with faces like this…

or this…

Day 152: What Do We Know About Autism

What do we know about Autism?  Very little, I’m afraid.

Autism is more difficult to recognize than most childhood afflictions.  There are no physical traits to see only behaviours that in the early years are only slightly off the normal pattern of development.  Since every child with Autism is unique, there aren’t typical symptoms to recognize when a child has Autism. There isn’t a chart where you can outline what is going to happen with your child through each phase.

There isn’t anything that shows up in a blood sample, x-ray, MRI or CT scan.  It doesn’t affect only certain races or sex.  There isn’t a definitive cause for Autism yet and there is no cure not even a fail proof treatment or pill to keep the symptoms at bay.

What we do know is that Autism is now affecting 1 in 88 children in the US.  Between the years 1993 and 2003 the incidences of Autism rose 800% which tells me that this is an epidemic and soon the next generation will be dealing with Autism in every single household.

Day 151: 31 Days of Autism Awareness!

Well it is Autism Awareness Month here in Canada so I am going to post facts and tidbits here for the next 31 days.  A friend had also challenged me to join a 31 days of blogging challenge with a whole pile of other folks so here it goes… 31 days of Autism Awareness.

Here is the first tidbit for the month taken from!  What is Autism…
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurobiological condition that can affect the normal function of the gastrointestinal, immune, hepatic, endocrine and nervous systems. It impacts normal brain development leaving most individuals with communication problems, difficulty with typical social interactions and a tendency to repeat specific patterns of behaviour. There is also a markedly restricted repertoire of activity and interests. Individuals on the autism spectrum tend to have varying degrees and combinations of symptoms and therefore treatment needs to be specific to the individual.