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Day 219 – Awareness Months

canadian-money-1238713-639x852I was in the middle of posting on Facebook when I noticed how long my post was going to be and thought perhaps I needed to get this done on my blog which has been neglected this year. What better time to add a new post then on Autism Awareness Month!

My post was to point out 2 Awareness campaigns going on during the month of October. It is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in Canada it is Autism Awareness month. Read More

Day 210 – Awareness

Recently there has been a trend in Facebook Challenges.  In the dead of winter we began to see men (mostly young) posting video of themselves running around in the snow in shorts or underwear and then taking a swig of a cold drink and then nominating another 3 friends to do the same within 24 hours.  To what benefit, I am still not sure.  It was never proclaimed and to me just seemed like a trend of silliness.

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