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Day 211 – Love Needs No Words

I recently commissioned a friend who started crafting to make one of her pallet wall art pieces for me. The caption I requested was “Love needs no words”

The exchange of Love does not require words, it is pretty evident in our family with two non-verbal teen boys who are loved so very dearly and show much love too. But I can see it elsewhere too. Read More

Day 180 – God Made You Special

This is a hard post to write.  We were at the hospital all day yesterday with Andy.  We got a call that Andy had a seizure at school and the ambulance was called.  At the hospital Andy had a CT scan and blood work done to find out if there was a brain tumour or infection that caused the seizure.  All results came out normal which was a relief but Andy is home today and he is exhibiting some behaviours no doubt from all the chaos lately.

And to top it all off, we heard that John’s Grandma is not doing well and the signs are there that she will be going home soon.

I confess that I am exhausted and am a bit down today but am making all kinds of efforts to make the day a good one for Andy.  I put on some oldies Christmas music and got out the decorations and am hanging out with Andy in the living room while hanging up the “stockings by the chimney with care”.  Andy has been enjoying Frank Sinatra lately and the CD that is playing is called “Big Band Christmas”.

As I slowly go about, dragging my feet with heavy shoulders, I keep hearing Junior Asparagus singing “When you look in the mirror, you’ll see his touch… ’cause God made you special, and he loves you very much” over and over again.

Andy received a Veggie Tales book this weekend for Christmas called “God Made You Special!” and he has been pushing the button for the music where Junior sings the last lines of the book.  I want you to hear what this book says so I’ve typed the words below.

God made the heavens,
the land and the sea,
the fish in the ocean,
the birds and the bees.

He grew all the plants,
put fruit on the trees.
He made everything –
he even made me!

He picked out my smile,
my eyes, and my nose.
He was very particular
from my head to my toes.

I’m just what he wanted,
and I think it shows
that he’s really creative
and all of heaven knows…

He thought it all over.
He made me just right.
I make him happy –
I am his delight.

When I look in the mirror,
I see his touch…
’cause God made me special,
and he loves me very much!

Sometimes I feel down.
Sometimes I feel blue,
Don’t like something about me –
it’s sad but it’s true.

But then I’m reminded that
God had a plan.
He wants me to be
just the way that I am.

He thought it all over.
He made me just right.
I make him happy –
I am his delight.

When I look in the mirror,

I see his touch…
’cause God made me special,
and he loves me very much!

God wasn’t finished.
No, he had more to do.
He planned something wonderful –
that’s when he made you!

He thought it all over.
He got it just right.
You make him happy –
you are his delight.

When you look in the mirror,
you’ll see his touch…
’cause God made you special,
and he loves you very much!

By Greg Fritz

After spending a lot of time in the hospital yesterday, we had many nurses, aids and paramedics asking about how Andy was doing and then when we got home the messages of prayers and love were pouring in.

Maybe Andy wanted to remind me of something by pushing that button 30 times this morning?  Maybe he wanted to hear it for himself?  I don’t know.

I do know that God was sending both of us a little reminder today through a children’s book that we are not forgotten and that we are loved oh so very much!

Day 169: Practical Marriage Tips (Continued…)

Use the Words “I love that about you…” and “Thanks so much for…” Often

This is the kind of thing couples do when they are dating before they are married but don’t do so much afterwords.  Sometimes it even gets replaced with complaints about each other.

Reminding your spouse of some of the things you appreciate about them not only lets them know that you like them and the things they do but also reminds you of the wonderful person you are married to.  If this is a habit for each of you, your kids will learn the qualities they would need to look for in a future spouse too!

If it Isn’t a Big Deal, Let it Slide

I don’t know about you but I am not a perfect person.  I make mistakes.  Thing is, when I make mistakes, I know it and I regret them.  Therefore, I don’t think it is necessary to point out every mistake.  Sometimes they need to be discussed for a “next time we will do this instead” pep talk but for those little stupid mistakes, just let them slide.  No need to create unnecessary embarrassment for the one you love.

Fess Up and Learn to Say “I’m sorry”

My mom had a saying when my sister and I were growing up.  “It takes two to tango”.  In other words, often both parties have committed an offence of some sort in an argument.  I know that even though I may be on solid ground in an argument, it doesn’t take long for me to think of something I have done wrong too.  If I admit to my offences and apologize for it, often my husband won’t have his back up and then think about his part in the “tango” and apologize too.  There is no need to dance around the silly back and forth stuff when you can get straight to the points.

Spontaneous Displays of Affection

Every now and then, out of the blue, just grab your man or woman and give them a good squeeze.  It says “Hey, you are special to me and I need you” and deep pressure does a world of good to stressed out people! I don’t think I need to explain any further on this one.

Well that’s all I will write for now on tips.  I’m sure there are many others to add and please feel free to add them in the comments!

Day 153: Love and Emotions of Autism

Can a child with Autism feel and show love and emotions?

Most definitely they can.  If you don’t spend a lot of time with children on the spectrum, I suppose it would be an easy thing to misunderstand with this disorder.  Since children with autism often don’t understand social cues and body language that indicates when a person is bored or not interested in what they are saying.  They often don’t understand the turn taking during a conversation when people talk back and forth.

But be assured that children with autism do feel hurt, lonely, scared, happy, sad, mischievous, cuddly and excited.  Often they can recognize when people are feeling those things too.

My boys can’t talk but I can’t let that prevent me from talking to them like I would anyone else.  I need to recognize their emotions and feelings.

One day a couple of weeks ago, we went for a drive to drop dad off at a race he was helping with at Agape Valley.  Ethan was very upset in the car and Andy was laughing at him but holding his hand out to him.  When Andy is upset, he usually bites his wrist or hits his head and when this happens in the car, I usually reach back and try to get him to give me “fives” so that he hits my hand rather than his head.  I suppose Andy was trying to get Ethan to do the same thing since he was upset too in an attempt to console him.  I’m not so sure he understood that the laughing probably wasn’t helping though.

In drives past out in the country, I have let Andy sit in the front seat with the window down but Ethan wasn’t old enough yet for that privilege so he hadn’t done that yet but he has since gotten past that 12 yr. age limit of front seat riding.  So I told Ethan he could sit in the front seat on the way to pick up dad when the race was over.  Ethan stopped crying right away and really enjoyed the drive in the front seat later that afternoon.

I have to think sometimes beyond what my boys need and think of what they would want but can not communicate.  Yes, sometimes they do get jealous of older siblings getting special privileges.  Yes, sometimes there is sibling rivalry but there is also the same familial bonding and love and care for one another.

My boys have been together in the same classes, social groups, and respites since nursery school and will likely be together in everything for the rest of their lives.  It’s a unique bond and all without a single word.